The Puck Lines Podcast joins the crew of Marty’s Illegal Stick

Connor Green from the Puck Lines Podcast is the featured guest for episode #45 of Marty’s Illegal Stick

Big things are happening at the Puck Lines Podcast, and show co-host Connor Green joined the crew of Marty’s Illegal Stick to talk about that, the Boston Bruins, the Eastern Conference, and more.

To put it simply, Green really likes what he sees in this season’s Bruins squad. Click on the YouTube link above to see just how far he thinks the Bruins will go, which prospect(s) he believes could make the team, the strengths and weaknesses of the Bruins, and will Tukka Rask be back?

The Puck Lines Podcast covers not only the Boston Bruins, but the rest of the NHL as well. One of the unique features of the show is it’s gambling segment, where Andrew Taverna covers the odds and lines involving various aspects of hockey.

The second segment features a discussion on the outlook of the Eastern Conference and a difference of opinion on a current power in the conference. Connor and the boys then discuss the #NHLTopPlayers: Nos. 10-1 list. What did the panel think they got right? What did they get wrong?

ECAC opens it’s mens hockey season on Saturday

To finish the show, The Zamboni Time Machine takes a look at an iconic hockey TV program.

The Puck Lines Podcast is a part of the Black N Gold Productions network, and can be found on all major podcast platforms as well as YouTube. The website for the show is, while the website for Black N Gold Productions is The Puck Lines Podcast can also be found on Facebook at “Puck Lines Podcast” and on Twitter at @pucklinespod.


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