Brand new episode of Marty’s Illegal Stick features Joe Konze from Buffalo’s Trainwreck Sports

Joe follows the Buffalo Sabres for Trainwreck Sports.

Joe Konze knows the Buffalo Sabres very well.

Living in Buffalo, New York he became a rabid fan of the team in the 1990’s and carried that passion for his hometown hockey team to Trainwreck Sports is a Buffalo based multi media sports site that takes a “pull no punches” approach to covering the Buffalo sports scene. Although Joe is a long time Sabres fan, he calls it like he sees it – both good and bad.

In this episode of Marty’s Illegal Stick, Joe joins Scott, Dom, and Dave “The Save” to talk all things Sabres. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • The current state of the team and how it got this way.
  • The team owners, Terry and Kim Pegula, and why they get so much blame for what has gone wrong.
  • The Jack Eichel saga and what the Sabres should do about it.
  • The team’s top prospects and others to keep an eye on.
  • Should the Sabres ride out the rebuild or try to get better now by trading some young assets?
  • The top five players in Buffalo Sabres history.

Then, the “Hockey Hot Takes” segment of the show covers the Nikita Kucherov injury and will it effect the Lightning more this season than it did last season. The Evander Kane suspension and what the Sharks should do with him is then discussed, and the segment closes by talking about the Utica Comets season opening victory.

A look back at the Evel Knievel and hockey connection

The show closes with an all new Zamboni Time Machine that features a 1970’s hockey wild man who mooned the crowd at Madison Square Garden – and that was mild compared to the other things he had done.

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