The Zamboni Time Machine

The Zamboni Time Machine is our look at the zany, inspiring, heartbreaking, and interesting look at events, characters and teams from hockey’s glorious past!

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Episode #5 of the Zamboni Time Machine

This episode of The Zamboni Time Machine takes a look at the different ways the world famous stuntman was connected to the sport of hockey. Hear about the team he owned and how it was involved with a national olympic team in a nefarious way. Motorcycle stunts were not the only way Evel Knievel made money, this episode covers how he cashed out at a World Hockey Association game in Toronto wearing his renowned red, white, and blue stunt costume and cape!

Episode #4 of the Zamboni Time Machine

When Charlie Finley bought the California Golden Seals in 1970, he was already the flamboyant owner of the equally flamboyant Oakland A’s baseball team. Hear what he did with the Golden Seals uniforms and skates to make them standout, and their mascot that gave a whole new meaning to the term “sleeping on the job”.

Episode #3 of The Zamboni Time Machine

Everyone knows about the NHL’s Winter Classic and Stadium Series games we all enjoy today, but where did they get their start? Believe it or not, it was in a desert in September of 1991. Listen to this episode to find out how hockey’s most famous star was involved, and how they overcame the unique challenges the game presented – including locusts attempting to join the game?

Episode #2 of The Zamboni Time Machine

In this episode of Marty Illegal Stick’s The Zamboni Time Machine, we go back to 1992 to look at the Red Penguins hockey team! Born out of the demise of the world famous Red Army hockey team, by the time it became the Red Penguins things had certainly changed! Listen in to find out which NHL team bought the club, it’s attention getting promotion nights, and what unique feature operated in the basement of the team’s arena!

Episode #1 of The Zamboni Time Machine

This episode of The Zamboni Time Machine looks at the times the music and hockey worlds have collided! The result was a disco album and a pair of songs written by Growing Pains star the late, great Alan Thicke!

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