Into The Boards Fantasy Hockey Podcast

Welcome to Into The Boards fantasy hockey podcast! Into The Boards covers all aspects of fantasy hockey – from drafting, trends, advice, we do it all! Don’t miss an episode or risk having your fantasy hockey season be put into the boards!

Episode #2: Draft recap and under the radar available players

In this episode, Ben and Scott discuss the picks they liked and didn’t like in their recently completed fantasy hockey draft! After that, they discuss the forwards, defensemen, and goalies that are probably still available in your league that can help put you into the win column! Take a listen to the show, or risk hav ing your fantasy hockey season be put Into the boards!

Episode of #1 featuring a breakdown of the top fantasy hockey players!

An all new season of Into the Boards Fantasy Hockey Show is back! In this episode, hosts Scott Kinville and Ben Skibinski break down the top 100 forwards, top 50 defensemen, and top 25 goalies available this season in fantasy hockey! Who do we like? Who do we think is over-rated? Who could surprise? Listen in to find out, or risk having your season be put into the boards! (Recorded October 8, 2021)

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