Devils State of Mind Podcast host to guest on Marty’s Illegal Stick Hockey Podcast

The host of the Devils State of Mind Podcast will make his second appearence on Marty’s Illegal Stick Hockey Podcast.

Neil Villapiano, host of the Devils State of Mind Podcast knows the New Jersey Devils, and the cast of Marty’s Illegal Stick Hockey Podcast knows the Utica Comets. When they join forces on Wednesday night December 15th for a live episode of Marty’s Illegal Stick Hockey Podcast, it’s sure to be a fun and informative show for both Devils and Comets fans, as well as hockey fans in general. The show will be on YouTube at Marty’s Illegal Stick Hockey Podcast channel and also at

This is the link to the upcoming episode of Marty’s Illegal Stick Hockey Podcast featuring Neil Villapiano of the Devils State of Mind Podcast. The show starts at 7:30 EST on Wednesday, December 15th. After the show ends, it will be available on YouTube and on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all other major podcast platforms.

After even one listen to the Devils State of Mind Podcast, you’ll be able to tell that Villapiano is VERY passionate about the New Jersey Devils. He brings an informed analysis of the team from a fan’s perspective to every episode. Although he is a fan of the Devils, Neil calls it as he sees it. If the team is playing well, he’ll say so, but if they are playing badly, he will not sugarcoat it. You can check out the latest episode of the Devils State of Mind Podcast by clicking the link below.

The AHL schedule is starting to get stale

This is Neil Villapiano’s second appearance on Marty’s Illegal Stick Hockey Podcast. He was also on the show at the end of September to talk about the preseason outlooks for the New Jersey Devils, prospects that could be playing in Utica, the Devils rivalry with the New York Rangers among other things. The link to re-visit the episode is below.

Episode #44 features the first appearance on the show of Devils State of Mind Podcast host Neil Villapiano.

President of the Original Hockey Hall of Fame is the featured guest on the latest episode of Marty’s Illegal Stick

Photo credit: Original Hockey Hall of Fame

President Larry Paquette talks about the Original Hockey Hall of Fame.

While not known by many, there was a Hockey Hall of Fame before the Hockey Hall of Fame. Fortunately for hockey fans everywhere, that hall of fame still exists.

The Original Hockey Hall of Fame, located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, is a hockey shrine that has an emphasis on the roots of the game. The story of how the Original Hockey Hall of Fame came to be is similar to the story of how the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY came into existence. Larry Paquette explains the long process they went through and who was the driving force behind the creation of the hall. He also explains the relationship between the Original hockey Hall of Fame and the Hockey Hall of Fame located in Toronto, Ontario.

Another topic of discussion is the early rules of hockey, and just how much the game has changed since the nineteenth century. Paquette also discusses the big hockey names that have been involved with the hall over the years, including the long-time co-host of Coach’s Corner Don Cherry.

The Original Hockey Hall of Fame has been in existence since 1943, and has built up a collection unique artifacts that won’t be found anywhere else. For instance the hall has what is believed to be one of the first pucks ever used (it looks nothing like a modern day puck), as well one of the first sticks ever used, hockeys oldest known sweater (jersey), trophies, and much more.

The oldest known hockey puck (circa 1886) on display at the Original Hockey Hall of Fame. Photo credit: Original Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Original Hockey Hall of Fame is currently open by appointment only. For more information about the Original Hall of Fame and to take a virtual tour, visit

Brand new episode of Marty’s Illegal Stick features Joe Konze from Buffalo’s Trainwreck Sports

Joe follows the Buffalo Sabres for Trainwreck Sports.

Joe Konze knows the Buffalo Sabres very well.

Living in Buffalo, New York he became a rabid fan of the team in the 1990’s and carried that passion for his hometown hockey team to Trainwreck Sports is a Buffalo based multi media sports site that takes a “pull no punches” approach to covering the Buffalo sports scene. Although Joe is a long time Sabres fan, he calls it like he sees it – both good and bad.

In this episode of Marty’s Illegal Stick, Joe joins Scott, Dom, and Dave “The Save” to talk all things Sabres. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • The current state of the team and how it got this way.
  • The team owners, Terry and Kim Pegula, and why they get so much blame for what has gone wrong.
  • The Jack Eichel saga and what the Sabres should do about it.
  • The team’s top prospects and others to keep an eye on.
  • Should the Sabres ride out the rebuild or try to get better now by trading some young assets?
  • The top five players in Buffalo Sabres history.

Then, the “Hockey Hot Takes” segment of the show covers the Nikita Kucherov injury and will it effect the Lightning more this season than it did last season. The Evander Kane suspension and what the Sharks should do with him is then discussed, and the segment closes by talking about the Utica Comets season opening victory.

A look back at the Evel Knievel and hockey connection

The show closes with an all new Zamboni Time Machine that features a 1970’s hockey wild man who mooned the crowd at Madison Square Garden – and that was mild compared to the other things he had done.

You can find Marty’s Illegal Stick on Facebook at “Marty’s Illegal Stick Hockey Podcast”, and on Twitter @MartysStick.

A look back at the Evel Knievel and hockey connection

Photo credit:

This Zamboni Time Machine flashback takes a look at how the world famous stuntman was connected to the sport of hockey.

Robert Knievel, or “Evel” Knievel as he is better known as, is world renowned for his death-defying motorcycle stunts. Before attempting to jump the Snake River Canyon, Knievel tried to make his living in professional hockey. He tried out for the Charlotte Clippers in the old Eastern Hockey League, but decided he did not want to play for the Clippers when he found out how much bus travel was involved.

Undaunted, in 1959 he returned to his hometown of Butte, Montana and founded the Butte Bombers – a semi-pro hockey team that he owned, managed, and played for. The Bombers claim to fame was exhibition game that Knievel scheduled against the Czechoslovakian National Team on their way to Squaw Valley, California for 1960 Winter Olympic Games. Evel managed to get thrown out of the game in the third period, and afterwards when it was time for the Czechs to get paid for the game, the ticket money had mysteriously been stolen. Many suspected Knievel was the thief, but it couldn’t be proven – so the US Olympic Committee had to cover the fee.

A look back at when Charlie Finley owned the California Golden Seals

Knievel’s involvement in hockey does not end there. In 1974, he was brought in for a promotional appearance with the Toronto Toros of the World Hockey Association. The promotion was that between periods of a the Toros game, Knievel was to take five penalty shots on the Toros backup goalie wearing his famous red, white, and blue stunt costume and cape. For every goal he scored, Knievel would win $5,000.

The Toros owner really did not want to lose what could be $25,000 to the famous stuntman, so he had a couple of players take Knievel out for an all night drinking binge the night before the game. The players did their best, and they did stay out all night, but Evel could drink with the best of them. The night of the game, Evel Knievel scored on three of the five penalty shots wearing his cape and costume, and left Toronto with $15,000 in his pocket.

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The podcast version of this article.

New episode of Marty’s Illegal Stick features our Utica Comets season preview

Find out what the boys think about the upcoming Utica Comets 2021-22 season and more.

The crew from Marty’s illegal Stick welcomed in Dom Reile for their Utica Comets 2021-22 preview show. After watching both of Utica’s preseason games, host Scott Kinville, along with Reile, Leo “Gump” Kinville, and Jeremy “The Professor” Roberts, all had their opinions on what to expect from this season’s Comets squad. They broke down what they expect to see from the offense, the defense, the goaltending, and the New Jersey Devils prospects that will be playing in Utica this season.

A profile of new Utica Comets Head Coach Kevin Dineen

New Jersey Devils Podcast host discusses the team’s prospects and who could play in Utica

In the next segment, the conversation involved the crew’s thoughts on the NHL opening night on ESPN. While this is happening, Dom and Jeremy, both avid NY Rangers fans, are watching the Rangers game and giving their thoughts as the action happens. This led to a discussion about the Mika Zibanejad contract extension, the Vitali Kravtsov situation, and the six alternate Captains the team has named.

Check daily for hockey articles and commentary, current and past episodes of Marty’s Illegal Stick Hockey Podcast, The Zamboni Time Machine, and Into the Boards Fantasy Hockey Podcast as well.

The Puck Lines Podcast joins the crew of Marty’s Illegal Stick

Connor Green from the Puck Lines Podcast is the featured guest for episode #45 of Marty’s Illegal Stick

Big things are happening at the Puck Lines Podcast, and show co-host Connor Green joined the crew of Marty’s Illegal Stick to talk about that, the Boston Bruins, the Eastern Conference, and more.

To put it simply, Green really likes what he sees in this season’s Bruins squad. Click on the YouTube link above to see just how far he thinks the Bruins will go, which prospect(s) he believes could make the team, the strengths and weaknesses of the Bruins, and will Tukka Rask be back?

The Puck Lines Podcast covers not only the Boston Bruins, but the rest of the NHL as well. One of the unique features of the show is it’s gambling segment, where Andrew Taverna covers the odds and lines involving various aspects of hockey.

The second segment features a discussion on the outlook of the Eastern Conference and a difference of opinion on a current power in the conference. Connor and the boys then discuss the #NHLTopPlayers: Nos. 10-1 list. What did the panel think they got right? What did they get wrong?

ECAC opens it’s mens hockey season on Saturday

To finish the show, The Zamboni Time Machine takes a look at an iconic hockey TV program.

The Puck Lines Podcast is a part of the Black N Gold Productions network, and can be found on all major podcast platforms as well as YouTube. The website for the show is, while the website for Black N Gold Productions is The Puck Lines Podcast can also be found on Facebook at “Puck Lines Podcast” and on Twitter at @pucklinespod.


New Jersey Devils Podcast host discusses the team’s prospects and who could play in Utica

Devils State of Mind Podcast host Neil Villapiano joins Marty’s Illegal Stick to discuss the NJ Devils prospect pool and which ones could play in Utica for the Comets this season.

Hockey is in the air, as NHL training camps are now open. As the camps wind down, we will know which players will start the season in the NHL and which ones will be sent to the American Hockey League. This is of special interest to hockey fans in central New York, as the region is home to two AHL teams – The Utica Comets and the Syracuse Crunch.

Neil Villapiano has a wealth of sports knowledge, especially when it comes to the New Jersey Devils. When it comes to the Devils and their prospects, he really likes what he sees. Villapiano believes fans in central New York can expect a very exciting Utica Comets team this season.

Devils State of Mind Podcast host Neil Villapiano joins Marty’s Illegal Stick to discuss NJ Devils Prospects, the Devils/Rangers rivalry, the Rangers, hockey in general, and much more. If you want to hear just the prospect talk and who could play in Utica, the timestamp is 14:38 – 46:40.

With one of the top prospect pools in the entire NHL, New Jersey has a bright future. The team’s top pick from this draft, Luke Hughes, will be playing at the University of Michigan this season so he will not be in Utica. Hughes is not New Jersey’s only top tier prospect however, as Dawson Mercer, Alexander Holtz, Kevin Bahl, and Nolan Foote among others look to be the foundation of the Devils for years to come. In this episode, Villapiano gives an in-depth analysis of these prospects and others, as well as the chances they will play for the Comets this season.

A profile of new Utica Comets Head Coach Kevin Dineen

Neil Villapiano is not only a New Jersey Devils fanatic, he is a well rounded sports fan in general. He has written two books: J-E-T-S! Pain! Pain! PAIN!: The Agony and the Ecstasy (Nah, no ecstasy!) of the Jets Fan, and Meet the Mets’ Mess: The R-E-G-R-E-T-S of New York Town. Both are available on Amazon and other major book retailers. His podcast Devils State of Mind Podcast has new episodes every Monday and Thursday. You can listen to the latest episode below or on any major podcast platform.

Marty’s Illegal Stick Episode #39 featuring Jimmy “The Iceman” MacNeil

This episode of Marty’s Illegal Stick, recorded on August 18th, 2021, features the return to the show of Jimmy”The Iceman” MacNeil! Jimmy was the Zamboni Company’s “Driver of the Year” in 1999, and drove across Canada on a Zamboni Ice Machine in 2001 for the “Drive For Gold”! We chat about the Drive For Gold, analytics in hockey, his book “The Red and White Zamboni Ice Machine”, and much more! In Hot Takes, we discuss ads on jerseys and a certain billboard in Buffalo while The Zamboni Time Machine looks at a team owner that changed the game forever but then went to prison!

Marty’s Illegal Stick Episode #37

Episode #37 features Kelly Kalichman from The EmPowerPlay Project! The EmPowerPlay Project is an organization dedicated to the growth of dekhockey by providing an affordable alternative to ice hockey as well as helping build dekhockey rinks all over the country! We also talk about the great Montreal sports scene of the 1960’s and 70’s, hockey in Southern California, and how The EmPowerPlay Project is achieving its goals. In Hot Takes we cover the Ryan Reaves trade, John Tortorella’s new job, while The Zamboni Time Machine looks at the further adventures of Eddie Shore – this time as a team owner (You won’t believe some of the things he did)!

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